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Minutes of the Bi-monthly Parish Council Meetings

Each meeting of the Parish Council is minuted by the Parish Clerk. The resulting written Minutes of that meeting are then discussed as an item on the agenda of the next meeting of the council two months later. Once the Minutes have been accepted as a true and accurate record of the previous meeting they are signed off and copies are deposited in Keyworth Library where they are available for public consultation. The collection of the Minutes of the Stanton Parish Council held in Keyworth Library are available back to January 1990. Minutes of the meetings of the Parish Council back to 1964 are still available for consultation at the Nottinghamshire Archives at County House, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in March 2014 have been placed below.

Minutes of the meeting of Stanton on the Wolds Parish Council held at 7.30pm Wednesday 12th March  2014 at 43a Stanton Lane,  

Councillors:-   Jim Goodman (Chair)    Mike Sheriston (Vice chair)

Bryan Baines    Mrs Angela Benney   Mrs Charlotte Chapman (A)

Alex McKee (A)      Richard Whitby

Also in attendance: the clerk Mike Elliott,  Notts County Council member Coun. John Cottee, Rushcliffe Borough Council member Coun. Fiona Mason and one member of the public.

1)  Apologies Coun. Charlotte Chapman (family commitments).

2)  Declarations of interest: There were none.

3) Minutes from the previous meeting held on 8th January 2014, were accepted as circulated and signed by the chairman.

4) Clerk’s report from the previous meeting:

There had  been no response to the office to the call made in the recent newsletter for suggested activities for the council.

5) Correspondence:

Addiction Problem Advisory Service, (APAS) a local charity dealing with what they say is an ever growing addiction problem situation.  They are offering a package that can be used for publicity purposes to assist the community and the council to recognise and respond to addiction issues.  There is a charge of £75 for the pack.  The council said it did not wish to progress the matter at the present time.

Notts County Council confirmed the Footpath No 12 Modification Order 2013.

A letter was received from Mrs Janet Baines on behalf of the Parochial Church Council thanking the council for carrying out the cleaning of the war memorial in the church yard as part of the commemoration of the centenary of the start of the First World War.

6) Planning matters:

Rushcliffe Borough Council Planning Applications:

13/02200/FUL. 8 Golf Course Road. Timber framed double garage with log store.  Grant.

13/02291/ful. Hillcrest Workshops, Melton Road. Use existing container storage area for siting of temporary site office and materials recycling facility for Keyworth sewerage flood/alleviation scheme, for maximum of seven months.  Grant.

Rushcliffe Borough Council advised that Mr Simon Varley had appealed against a Borough decision to refuse permission for erection of a five bedroom dwelling and linked double garage after demolition of existing dwelling and ancillary buildings at 61 Stanton Lane.   The parish objected saying the modern 3 storey design  is at variance with surrounding properties and the general setting of the lane and the proposed terraces on the 1st and 2nd floors directly overlook nearby living area in the immediately adjacent properties which was an unacceptable situation.

The parish council did not object to an application by Metronet Rail Ltd for a variation of condition 2 of planning permission 08/01324/ful involving the number of training movements on the railway test track at upper Broughton.

The clerk reported that the enforcement officer of Rushcliffe Borough Council had investigated use of a site on Browns Lane  for a temporary works office and recycling building materials.  There was a need for planning permission and this was to be applied for.  Local residents were complaining of a nuisance from the operation being carried out.

7) Village amenities / Environment / Centenary of World War 1

The council was told that one of the Weight Restriction signs at the Browns Lane / A606 road junction was not illuminated.   The chairman said a local resident had commented that people living on Melton Road had no bus service to take them into Keyworth.

The meeting was told that no one had come forward to respond to publicity by the council seeking comments on a need for a community bus service for a shopping outing.     One comment received was that a bus stop near to 35 Melton Road had disappeared.

Members discussed a suggestion that a bus shelter should be provided on Browns Lane but did not support the idea.  The condition of the footpath near the junction of Browns Lane and Stanton Lane was said to be in a poor condition and not sufficiently wide for comfortable use.  The matter had previously been raised by the parish council.

A comment had been received in regard to roadside signs for businesses in the parish.   If the signs were permanent they would require planning permission.

            The council agreed to meet the cost of having the speed monitor unit calibrated so road side checks could resume.  The chairman said he would arrange for the work to be carried out.

8) Defibrillator

The meeting was told that the Golf Club were not proceeding with provision of a defibrillator at their premises.  The council confirmed it would itself not proceed with a project.    It was agreed that in the next newsletter a question be asked for residents to comment on support they would give for a CPR training session to be held in the village.

9) Financial matters:

a]      Cheques for payment were approved as per the circulated list

b]      Bank signatures and numbers to sign: It was agreed not to change the existing arrangements to have two signatures.

c]       Forward programme of capital expenditure:  No firm programme was put forward.

The clerk said information has been received from the Department for Communities and Local Government in regard to consultation of a draft transparency code for parish councils with a turnover not exceeding £25,000. It is confirmed parish councils with a turnover of under £25,000 will not in the future be subject to district audit scrutiny but will instead have to prepare an increased information set of accounts which it is suggested will take a clerk an additional number of hours to prepare and produce to those necessary now.

10) Website update

Coun. Sheriston said minutes of the council had been late in being put on the site because they had not been received.  The clerk was asked to  check on the system used to provide the editor with copies of the council newsletter.  Currently it was suggested that the editor was having to type the information.

Members discussed a need  for the appearance of the website to be modernised.   Coun. Sheriston said he would discuss the matter with the editor.


Items would include the CPR course and the provision of a bench near the Melton Road garage.  The clerk was to seek comments from the County Highways in  regard to the siting of such a seat.

12) Public session

The question of an effort to mark the World War One centenary was raised.

             There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.57pm.

 Please note this is a provisional set of Minutes for the very latest parish council meeting on the 12th March 2014 and as such they are un-adopted until approved at the next meeting.

Minutes for the Parish Council meetings in  2011, 2012 and 2013 have been removed from this page to conserve web space but they are still available if required. A paper copy may be supplied via the parish clerk: please see Contact the Council

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